Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter sucks

I grew up here for 29 years and moved away for about a decade landing in Douglas Co. Georgia with a 6 acre property and a 2400 sq. ft. shop. Every mans dream. After the destruction of the local economy and other variables my wife and I decided to move back to be with family and friends and spend a few years back at home before eventually venturing to another place.  I used to put 20k or so per year on my bikes and take trips with the wife and friends year round with some of the best times in fall and winter. The bikes never sat, batteries never had to be trickle charged and a good ride was a cure for all that ailes you. The next chapter cant come soon enough for me.

500 finishing

Alilttle molding and a new patent plate to finish the motor off. I was using metal patch and jb weld to mold and try to powder coat this frame but i think i am going to bondo and paint. There is jsut too much molding to be done to make this frame really smooth and seamless.  Its structually solid and welded good I even did some reinforcment welding on the bottom and the sheeting but it I dont think it will ever bee smooth enough for pc.  Oh well paint works, I can add alittle flake buried in the paint to take it too the next level cause the tins are going to be gold/black flake and outstanding.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The problem with having a shop in your basement

The cat thinks the sandpaper box is for shitting in and the dog likes to eat it...  WTF.

New tank for 650

This bad ass tank is from Cory at Maindrive cycle. Its not for this bike but a triumph 650 but i had to try it on something. I think it will look good on just about anything.

Parts for Sale

WCC spade AC $225 shipped.
HD 3 ohm coil $25 shipped
Black seat with piping  NEW! $40 shipped
other black seat , Bates pan? $75 shipped
Hd pegs $20 shipped
Triumph pegs pretty strait not perfect $30 shipped

Inquire @ if you need something

No mani , jetted for sportster 1200

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Working on covers , Engine is done.

Taking all the pits out , this takes a few hrs. Amazing what you can do with $10 of metal polish.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Skinny bitch . ( Triumph 500)

               Added a jockey shift.....................

1966 Triumph 500 chopper

Picked up this bike a couple months ago from Ohio I was thinking i would use the motor and wheels and whatever else to make it back to a t-100 bobber.  After i got it and rode it around a bit I realized it already had good  bones just needed alot of tlc . I was digging the stance and proceeded to use the custom one off frame it was on.  With alittle work it could be a great bike.