Monday, February 14, 2011

The next build

Actually has been going on for a year , it just keeps changing. 750 morgo kit/71 bonneville  rebuilt from the bottom up by the great Josh Hartz.  Going in a 63 frame. The rest changes all the time till it actually gets built
again. I have a ceriani front end some chopper tanks and fenders. I have a brand new drum Triumph rear wheel but i am thinking disc brakes again.  Trump drums suck .  


  1. how much was your 750 kit and what all did you have to do to set it up?

  2. I didnt buy it, it came with a basket, i have seen them for around $600 . Just bolted it up , Hartz assembled the jugs and pistons. Just check the ring clearance with the bore in these kits and make sure it is good and youre good to go. I dont think the crank balance factor is that big of a deal we will see. People bolt them up all the time. I asked Tony Dunn and he said you could experience alittle more vibration if the crank isnt balance to the piston size but this one was done to a .60over piston in the first place.