Friday, December 10, 2010

The Skinny bitch . ( Triumph 500)

               Added a jockey shift.....................

 Alittle transmission surgery. After a new layshaft bushing and a couple  bearings shes gonna be shifting better. The previous owner has the bottom /top end done and she runs like a champ , nice and smooth but the trans was just reinsatlled and it was missing some shifts.  I  made my own rear brake control , the bike is soo low nothing else would fit and it was run from the front hand control master cylinder. BAH!  that just wasnt going to work for me. I like a spoolie but you need some good disc brakes in the back to run no front brake.

Reassembled and working on the cases head steadies ect. set the carb to baseline settings.   Now i gotta tear the rest down finish weld and Powder and paint ceramic coat on the pipes.  Ive got some really nice plans for finshing . I will just say Gold and black for now.

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